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Southern Campeche & Quintana Roo Archaeology & Wild-Life Experience

Thursday February 20th – Tuesday February 25th , 2020 An Archaeology & Wild-Life Experience This excursion is somewhat physically challenging. On a couple of days, participants will need to walk for several kilometres at a stretch, climb stone stairs and manage without regular meal times. However... this will be balanced by relaxing times that invite thoughtful reflection. DAY ONE, Thursday February 20th , 7:30 am: Early this morning, our chartered bus will carry us from Merida to Edzna, the great city of the Itzaes in Campeche. At this site there are more than 20 monumental buildings and an ingenious canal system that allowed for extensive farming. Many different birds can be seen, including hawks. After our visit we’ll check into the Hotel Baluartes for the night. The hotel is near both the boardwalk and the colonial city center of Campeche. As well, many restaurants, pubs, shops and other amenities are located close by. DAY TWO, Friday February 21st : 9:00 am: Today we’