Southern Campeche & Quintana Roo Archaeology & Wild-Life Experience

Thursday February 20th – Tuesday February 25th , 2020
An Archaeology & Wild-Life Experience

This excursion is somewhat physically challenging. On a couple of days, participants will need to walk for several kilometres at a stretch, climb stone stairs and manage without regular meal times. However... this will be balanced by relaxing times that invite thoughtful reflection.

DAY ONE, Thursday February 20th , 7:30 am:
Early this morning, our chartered bus will carry us from Merida to Edzna, the great city of the Itzaes in Campeche. At this site there are more than 20 monumental buildings and an ingenious canal system that allowed for extensive farming. Many different birds can be seen, including hawks. After our visit we’ll check into the Hotel Baluartes for the night. The hotel is near both the boardwalk and the colonial city center of Campeche. As well, many restaurants, pubs, shops and other amenities are located close by.

DAY TWO, Friday February 21st : 9:00 am:
Today we’ll get back on our bus, and drive deeper into the Campeche countryside, towards the Eco-lodge Chicanna, where we’ll stay for two nights. Enroute, we’ll visit four archaeological sites: Balamku, famous for its spectacular frescoes; majestic Becan, known for its fortified city walls, moat and stunning stuccoes; Xpujil, great for seeing birds; and Chicanna, with its Rio Bec style “monster of the earth” facades. At the end of the day, we’ll be tired, and will happily settle into our comfortable cabanas, perhaps have a drink before dinner, and then call it a night, because the next morning we’ll need to be up early.

DAY THREE, Saturday February 22nd:
We should be on the road before sunrise and will travel directly to Calakmul. This site is one of the largest and most impressive archaeological sites in the Maya world, and the early start will maximize our chances of spotting interesting birds such as toucans, toucanettes and wild turkeys, as well as mammals like tapirs, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, ocelots. And if we are VERY LUCKY, maybe even a jaguar. In Calakmul, 6,750 ancient structures have been identified; the largest of which is the great pyramid at the site. Structure 2 is over 45 metres (148 ft) high, making it one of the tallest of the Maya pyramids. If you miss climbing pyramids in Yucatan, don’t worry, you’ll get do so in Calakmul.

DAY FOUR, Sunday February 23rd 9:00 am:
We will leave the Eco-village after breakfast, and drive to Kohunlich, a beautiful Maya city set amongst exotic palms. Some of the largest and most impressive stucco masks in the Maya world are to be seen here. Following Kohunlich, we will see Dzibanche and Kinichna. It is likely that we’ll encounter some interesting birds and animals as these two archaeological sites receive few visitors. Arriving in Bacalar, we’ll check into the Hotel Villa Balu, and have the rest of the afternoon and evening to rest, njoy the beautiful lagoon, and explore the town. There are good restaurants in town and along the shore of the lagoon.

DAY FIVE, Monday February 24th :You can sleep in today because we’ll be spending the entire day in Bacalar, relaxing and enjoying the location. We’ll take a boat ride on the lagoon and those who want to could have lunch and a swim at the Cenote Azul, a very large surface cenote. But you decide, the day will be yours to spend as you please.

DAY SIX: Tuesday February 25th:
We will be checking out of our hotel at approximately noon, giving us time to have a morning swim and a nice breakfast before we make our way back to Merida. We plan to arrive at about 6:00 pm.

The tour includes:
* 5 nights accommodation at a tourism class hotel
* 5 full breakfast at the hotels
* One box lunch
* Transportation by private coach for the entire duration of the tour
* The services of 2 bilingual tour escorts, 1 bilingual guide and 1 fully-accredited driver
* Entrance fees at all included sites on the itinerary

Not included in the tour price:
* No meals except breakfast and one box lunch are included in the tour price. As well, it should be mentioned that in many of the locations where we’ll be, restaurants are hit-and-miss. We will advise group participants what they should bring in terms of food and drink. Definitely, the focus of this adventure is on simple, tasty Yucatecan cuisine.

* Personal services such as laundry, hotel phone calls, room service, etc. are not included.

The service providers carry standard accident insurance, but it is the responsibility of each tour participant to have their own policy for emergency hospital-medical coverage that is valid in Mexico.

Costs, Reservations & Payments:
For more information: email Carlos Rosado at:


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