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Archaeology Monday (pt.11) El Hormiguero

Located about 45 kmfrom of Xpujil, to the very south of the state of Campeche and just a few kilometers lay the ruins of El Hormiguero (meaning ant hill in spanish) whose original name I believe has been lost to history. Due to its isolated location this site is seldom visited by tourists, which is a shame as it boasts some really impressive structures and is particularly good for spotting wild-life. Although at one time an eco-archaeological camp seems to have been set up for visitors, by the time I visited in 2018 with my good friend Zane, the camps seemed long abandoned. The road to access the site was fairly rough, though as we visited before the rainy season it was still fairly accessible. That being said there was very little in the way of signage so we had to depend almost entirely on google maps. The site was first reported by Karl Ruppert and John Dennison in the thirties, thought it was not until the late 70s that excavations first began. Archaeologists suggest that the

Archaeology Monday (pt.10) Santa Rosa Xtampak

Heaven knows how many weeks in to this pandemic, yesterday I found myself today going through my photos from last year and realized that I haven't blogged about a bunch of archaeological sites I have visited recently. Since the “I have no time” argument seems fairly weak at this point, I thought I would start up again. About a year or so ago my father and I made our way to Santa Rosa Xtampak. We had been wanting to visit the site for some time but knew that the access to the site was fairly difficult. we were not wrong! A quick search on google maps informed us that the trip each way would take just over 3 hours, but it turns out that was quite optimistic (as google maps often is). Located to the west of Bolonchen and Hopelchen, the road to Santa Rosa Xtampak is not much more than a 30 some kilometer dirt road through corn and squash plantations. Another thing you will notice in the region is the presence of several fairly large Mennonite farms.There are a few small communitie